Added by on May 23, 2013

hidden camera recording people doing strange things

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  • Shantanu Sarkar 10 months ago

    What the **** is this man, freaking stupid ****s don’t know **** even if it was right in front of em………………………

  • Coder Navigator 10 months ago

    It seems funniest  FAKE video ….not LOL

  • Aniket Karvir 10 months ago


  • dhirendra ***ar 10 months ago

    Duniya me kitne fool man hai bina kuksh dekhe jahan paya haath laga diya.

  • krishna laishram 10 months ago

    **** off 

  • sinaj abdulsalam 10 months ago

    such a ****ing video

  • Emeraldsea100 10 months ago

    WTF????? I watched?

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