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New IKEA advert 2013 – Time For Change Music Video

Watch our latest IKEA TV advert. Gnomes sabotage a couple who are trying to improve their garden — see how the couple combat the gnomes and make more of the…




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  • TheForza1000 10 months ago

    Sorry mate got you mixed up with Chris Honer

  • Andrea Rush 10 months ago

    Its good that you’re open about you’re ***ual desires, good for you Mr Wild. Good for you!

  • ***lmen 10 months ago

    WTF?! :D

  • Maschendoc 10 months ago

    Freiheit für den Gartenzwerg! ;-)

  • unbrealtalk 10 months ago

    Too bad Ikea is nothing but garbage.

  • I absolutely loved this LOL

  • Jenny Hook 10 months ago

    I am on the side of the gnomes, they are only acting out because they feel replaced and devalued, and then the people ruthlessly murder the gnomes, I think they were justified in everything they did. What has Ikea got against the loveable gnomes, well actually I don’t like gnomes much as a garden ornament, actual plants are much better. What am I talking about?

  • Chris Wood 10 months ago

    This is gnomophobic

  • Cormano Wild 10 months ago

    gobble gobble gobble i love your **** ikea nom nom nom

  • DarkXVSXLight 10 months ago


  • Peter Krol 10 months ago

    Who else was routing for the gnomes?

  • Vildanisch 10 months ago


  • dace002 10 months ago

    why u cencor critical comments, IKEA!?!?

  • DanzellotTunes 10 months ago

    On behalf of the king of the nation of GNOMES and his Great King Gob, curse you and takes away all your wealth you’ve ac***ulated IKEA to date and will be returned to the poor. **** your company to the seventh generation. PMLK; and the action begins right now.

  • Michael Ashton 10 months ago

    This is so horrible, I feel really sorry for the gnomes :(

  • NorbertLinuxLord 10 months ago

    This is rascist, if I made an ad about killing the Elven s*** it would be the start of a civil war but ye can abuse our brethren the gnomes and the peasantry think it’s ”’creative”.

  • BoyEA101 10 months ago

    Fun advert! :) About the only one I would actually watch for fun – must be effective! Must now look for a DVD copy :p

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